Owner and operator, Angela started helping people with parties over eight years ago after her twin girls were born, hence the name "2 Sweet". The team at 2Sweet loves working with people to come up with the perfect party theme and then watching it bloom from invitations to cakes and confections! They pride themselves on personalizing everything they create to fit the clients' needs. Angela and her team look forward to working with you!




2Sweet LLC was voted Jersey Choice Best Cupcakes of 2014 by NJ Monthly Magazine, appeared in the Record to commemorate National Cupcake Day, and has been featured on numerous websites and blogs. 




2Sweet would like to thank the following people for their generous support!

Alan Shafer
Amy Owen
Amy Wurst
Angela DiMartino
Anthony Caito
Anthony DiBella
Anthony Longo
Antonina Bertino
April Larkin
Arlena Boyle
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Brian Merrill
Camille DiLorenzo
Carmen Pezzolla
Charlene Thomas
Chris Paseka
Christina Carter
Christopher Perosi
Colleen Klein
Colleen P Miles
Danielle Oels
Danielle Paul
David D Simon
David Klein
Deborah Martin
Desiree M Caro
Dina Scala
Elena Failla
Elizabeth Leicht
Erik Leppert
Felicity Selby
Francesca Hemsey
Francesca M Polito
Gabrielle M Trumbull
Gail Reynolds  

Gale L Schulman
Gregory Goldston
Gwendolyn Ricks-Spencer
Hilary Cumberton
Holly Doud 
Jaime Chervony
Jen Abramowitz
Jennifer Murphy 
Jessica Indovina
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Kirsten Sprofera
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Pamela Milam
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